Workflow Testing

Establishing tests for specific business workflows helps to ensure that critical business capabilities are always available, defining simple or complex scenarios that mimic real world functionality complete with synthetic or actual data to try and make sure the tests reflects what will actually be happening in real life.

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Workflow collection tend to utilize pre-request and post-requests scripting for the automation before and after each individual request is executed, but because post-request scripts are also often used for API testing and possess a rich assertion library, they can also be used to test the outcomes and results of each business workflow defined as a collection. Allowing for the testing of each individual step of a workflow, iteration, as well as the overall outcomes of the workflow run, allowing for not just the testing of individual APIs, but of entire business workflows needed to power operations. Taking testing to a whole other level, allowing testing to be closer aligned to actual business objectives, and not just individual technical components of IT operations.


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