Workflow Testing Monitor

Monitors can be setup for all workflow testing, scheduling the run of workflow tests when needed and configuring to run from the regions that matter most to business operations, making sure that essential business capabilities are working as designed and delivering as expected on a 24/7 schedule.

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Each workflow collection can have one or more monitors setup to schedule the run of the workflow at a specific time using a specific environment. Allowing any business workflow to be automated and run on a regular schedule with each execution potentially reporting and saving the results of it’s run, as well as any data that was collected as part of it’s execution. Putting the automation and orchestration in the low-code / no-code world, allowing specific business workflows to be run whenever they are needed and containing the proper testing to ensure that everything executed as expected, and the desired business outcomes were achieved. Allowing for the automation of anything defined as a collection, which is defined by any capability that can be defined as an API–leaving for a pretty wide world of automation possibilities.


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