Workflow Documentation

Providing documentation for workflow collections help introduce consumers to what a workflow define across multiple API requests can accomplish, and potentially provide a sequential walk through of each step of the flow, allowing API consumers to quickly understand what a workflow accomplishes, but also provides all the details of the workflow in an well documented executable format.

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Workflow collections come with documentation by default. Every request and response that gets defined will automatically include the ability to provide summaries and descriptions to help consumers understand what happens with each step. However, it is up to the workflow collection developer and owner to ensure that the overall workflow is adequately described, as well as how rich the summaries and descriptions are for each request or step of the workflow, as well as what can be expected when the workflow is executed manually, via monitor, or as part of a pipeline. Workflow documentation ensures that all automation across API operations has the potential to be properly documented, so that when there is turnover in staff that all elements of automation possess all the details regarding their operation by default.


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