Workflow Collection

Defining workflows across many APIs and API paths provide a rich way to design and document common business workflows and practices, providing a specific sequence of API requests needed to accomplish a business objective, or just a subset of a larger API that meets the needs of a specific business sector, helping go beyond just a reference of everything an API does and getting closer to the business value.

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A workflow collection allows multiple API requests to be organized into a specific business workflow that can be executed manually, scheduled via a monitor, or triggered as part of a CI/CD pipeline. Workflow collections organize requests made to many different APIs into a single sharable, portable, and executable workflow that anyone can run. Allowing developers to automate and orchestrate each request in a workflow using pre-request and pos-request scripts, and leverage environments for common variables, secrets, and even to store data generated from the run of each workflow collection. Providing a very powerful low-code as well as no-code solution for accomplishing simple or advanced business workflows across many different internal, partner, and 3rd party APIs.


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