Watching of some element of API operations, allowing team members, partners, or public users to signal they want to receive notifications of any change to an API and it's supporting elements, making API operations more observable and something that all stakeholders are able to stay in tune with as they evolve and change.

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Watching APIs, as well as collections, provide a very precise way for team members to tune into the APIs that matter to them, as well as the elements surrounding them. Because collections can be used to power documentation, mock servers, and a variety of testing and governance approaches, the ability to watch a specific collection is amplified significantly. Anytime a team member or public consumers watches an API or collection within a team or public API workspace they will receive notifications when changes are made to that API or collection, letting them know in the Postman application and via email when they need to pay attention. Making the API lifecycle much more event-driven, allowing team members and consumers to define which APIs matter to them, as well as which elements supporting that API are important to their own personal goals.

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