The Postman visualizer can provide a visual response to any API response, allowing API calls made to be rendered as HTML, charts, and other visual elements, helping make API resources, capabilities, and the APIs themselves for visible.

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Postman provides a visualizer tab for each request defined as part of a collection. The visualizer tab is rendered using test scripts for each request, taking the response, applying some JavaSCript, then rendering the results to the tab for viewing alongside JSON responses or test results, providing another way to “see” the response of each API. This is something you can apply to not just the individual response of an API, but also the aggregate responses across many API requests, or even the test results of an API, or the governance of the design and operation of an API. Providing for a very powerful way to visualize the resources and capabilities provided by each API, but also the infrastructure behind the APIs, helping make API operations more visible to developers and other business stakeholders.

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