Applying semantic versioning to individual artifacts to help manage change across each API and wider operations, providing a structured approach to how APIs are evolved, helping identify minor changes from patches, and clearly defining major revisions that would introduce breaking changes.

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The versioning of each API and supporting artifact play an important role in help teams manage change across many different APIs. Providing a clear marker for when changes are made to an API, helping team members, as well as consumers understand what has changed along the way. Semantic versioning is the primary approach applied to APIs and other artifacts used as part fo the API lifecycle, providing a notation for how you define the version of an API, and how you increment that version based upon major, minor, and patch changes. Versioning is how you signal and communicate where everyone is regarding change to API infrastructure and help consumers understand and navigate change with as little friction as possible. Helping organizations effectively manage change and achieve the velocity needed to keep applications and integrations accomplishing what is need to realize the desired business outcomes.

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