Usage Plan

Offering a standardized and well-defined set of usage plans for all APIs using commercial or open source API gateway or management solutions helps ensure that access to all APIs is done in a secure way that prevents exploitation by limiting the number of requests being made, or even billing for usage of an API based upon different dimensions defined within the usage plans applied.

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Every API should operate within one or many well-defined usage plans. No API consumer, whether internal or external to an organization, should have access to an API outside of the definition of a usage plan that is governed at the API management layer. Usage plans are a standard part of API gateways and management solutions, and provide mechanisms for defining rate limiting and other access policies in a standardized way. Usage plans govern how APIs can be used across internal and external consumers, ensuring that no API has unlimited access or usage, requiring all consumers to be identified by a key, and providing observability into API usage by individual consumers, or across an entire plan. Usage plans are central to the management of public and private APIs, and are how the value exchange between API producers and consumers is maximized, ensuring all API usage is in alignment with business objectives.


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