Team Workspace

Establishing and properly setting up a dedicated workspace for each API helps ensure there is always a single place to go to find everything that is happening with an API across it's entire lifecycle.

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Any API you are looking to develop should have a known location where any stakeholder can get up to speed on what is happening with the development and operation of an API. Postman team workspaces provide a single location to publish APIs, documentation, mock servers, tests, and other artifacts, providing a known location that is discoverable across teams. Establishing early on a place for teams to engage around the design, development, and operation of an API, that makes the API lifecycle observable by default. Team workspaces are only accessible internally to your team members who have an account under your designated organizational Postman team, making it available across search, and via workspace browsing for your team to discover and begin collaborating and working across APIs being developed within each workspace.

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