Sharing of elements used to produce or consume APIs across workspaces, externally with consumers, allowing an intended audience to view, download, and access artifacts and other elements of API operations so they and collaborate around the production or consumption of API resources and capabilities.

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Sharing is essential across the API lifecycle for collaborating with team members, partners, and 3rd party consumers, making APIs, documentation, tests, mock servers, environments, and other elements of the API lifecycle available for use. The most common way to share API lifecycle artifacts is across workspaces with different levels of access by team members, partners, and the general public. APIs, collections, and environments can be easily shared across workspaces designed to target a specific team or audience. Next, sharing of collections can be done using the URL to the raw JSON behind, or by publishing the collection using the Run in Postman button, which can be embedded in any HTML page. Sharing is a fundamental ingredient for how API operations move forward and act as the factory floor for an organization. Without sharing there is no internal collaboration amongst team members or engagement with the public across the API lifecycle.

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