Security Testing

Security tests can be defined for any API using executable and shareable collections, testing for common OWASP vulnerabilities, as well as other more custom scenarios or business approaches, providing a single or suite of security tests that can be manually run, schedule across multiple regions, or executed as part of a CI/CD pipeline, automating security consistently across APIs.

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Security testing ensures that 100% of the surface area of an API is secure against the common types of attacks as defined by OWASP. The OpenAPI for each API can be used to generate collections that provide 100% test coverage for all API paths, ensuring that every API, and detail of the API is evaluated as part of common security practices. No API should move into production without having a security collection defined for testing for all of the known vulnerabilities, moving the security conversation further left in the API lifecycle–allowing developers to manually test as they develop an API, but then also allowing for the automation of API security testing as part of the deployment pipeline, or scheduled via a monitor. Security testing is just one part of a larger testing, but also security strategy, helping standardize how security is applied, while also properly equipping teams with the latest information and practices they need to be successful in securing API operations.


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