Security Testing Monitor

Monitors can be setup for all API security testing, scheduling the run of security tests when needed, making sure that each individual API is regularly certified as being secured, ensuring that APIs do not become a liability due to changes, but also keeping all APIs compliant with the latest level of security testing that is occurring across an entire organization.

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Monitors can be used to automate the scheduling of any security test, taking collections that are generated from an OpenAPI and scanning every path for potential vulnerabilities. Collections provide the definition of the surface area of the API and test scripts provide the ability to automate security testing against each individual path, which is something that when combined with a specific environment, and then schedule to run as a monitor becomes a very robust way to scale security testing across the surface area all APIs.. Allowing any developer to add security testing to the stack of contract, performance, and other testing, but then also contributing to the overall security strategy applied across API operations, meeting the needs of individual APIs, but automating security in a way that prevents any API from falling behind, and becoming the next breach we’ll read about in the news.


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