Ensuring APIs are always available via search helps make sure that APIs can be found by consumers, but also by other producers who are looking to develop similar APIs, making search for APIs, as well as the operations around each API a critical aspect of the API lifecycle that should be considered as early on in the design and development of an API, but at least as it is deployed into production.

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Search is the fundamental element of API discovery, allowing API producers to search for existing APIs before they begin the development of new APIs, as well as API consumers to search for APIs they can use as part of their applications and integrations. A healthy API lifecycle depends on the ability to search internally and externally for APIs, as well as the operations around them. The indexing of workspaces, APIs, and the elements of the API lifecycle like documentation, mock servers, and tests should occur by default across all teams before the desired efficiency and velocity will be realized across operations. Postman platform search provides visibility across these dimensions of API operations, looking across private, partner, and public dimensions, but then also leverages a role based approach to what elements of API operations are surfaced based upon your role–making API search a priority as part of the API lifecycle.


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