Defining all objects use as part of API operations using JSON Schema provides for a definitions that can be used as part of modeling and the API design process, as well as for validation at development, build, or even run time.

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In the world of APIs schema define almost every aspect of our operations, providing us with a framework for how something is structured, but because schema are machine readable, it also provides us with how something will work, and with linting and validation also whether something is working as defined by a specific contract. Schema is most often associated with data made available via APIs from databases, but schema also is used to define every stop along the API lifecycle, and provides us with the artifacts we need to properly govern the API lifecycle. Schema is how we define shared meaning across our API operations, between teams moving APIs forward, but also with the consumers who are putting the digital resources, capabilities, media, and algorithms we make available via our APIs to work in their applications and integrations. There are numerous opportunities for defining, managing, and putting schema to work across the Postman API platform when it comes to producing or consuming APIs.

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