Rules-Based Linting

Rules-based linting allows for the defining of YAML or JSON rules for elements of API governance and applying them in a programmatic way against OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, and other machine readable artifacts, helping apply desired constraints to the design or other area of the design, development, and operation of an API.

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Rules-based linting is a preferred way of applying linting to any OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, or other machine readable contract for an API because it allows common rules to be defined as YAML or JSON, then applied consistently across all APIs using a linting library or API. Linting rules help establish a baseline for what governance is across an organization, but then allow individual developers to apply and check for violations of these rules as part of their regular API development process. This approach helps catch common challenges with delivering consistent APIs across teams, and help developers achieve more alignment in how APIs operate, no matter what team they were developed by.


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