Visual reports that aggregate data from across operations, making APIs and the operations around them something that team members can see activity, hisotry, and other dimension of what is happening across API operations, allowing different views to be organized and presented via dashboards.

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Reports provide teams with visibility into the usage of individual APIs, but also the operations around them, helping us see activity, history, and the presence, or lack of presences of essential elements of the API lifecycle like documentation, testing, and other building blocks. The Postman platform provides native reporting on teams, APIs, and the activity that exists across workspaces. While also embracing an integration strategy that allows for the piping of data into other APM and observability solutions organizations are already using, providing another dimension for the creation of reports, and making them available via existing dashboards. Using API reporting to make APIs and API operations more visible in real time, allowing teams to stay aware of what is happening and be response to events that matter to an organization.

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