Public Network

Public API networks allow for teams, APIs, collections, and other elements to be made available for searching and browsing by a public audience, helping API producers reach a larger audience, but also allowing consumers to quickly find the APIs and other resources they need in their applications and integrations, networking consumers with producers in an ongoing and collaborative way.

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The Postman public network is where you will find APIs from leading providers like Stripe, Twilio, and Salesforce, while also being the place you can publish your own public APIs for discovery by millions of Postman users. The public network is where teams can discover other public APIs they can put to work, or help make their own public APIs more discoverable by other 3rd party consumers. APIs can be published to the public network by changing the visibility of the workspaces they are in to be public, making the APIs, collections, environments, and other elements viewable by anyone browsing or searching the Postman public API network. The public network isn’t just about API discovery, it is also about helping bring observability and engagement with public API consumers more discoverable and accessible. Moving from the many siloed API portals of the past, where API producers work to build their own API ecosystems, to where API producers just participate as part of a larger API platform ecosystem–where developers already exist.

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