Prototype Collection

Prototyping an API using a Postman collection provides a quick and intuitive way to articulate what an API should do in a way that can be documented, mocked, and shared with other team members and consumers, offering an alterative approach to the API design first methodology which can push the need for an OpenAPI artifact further downstream in the process, but achieving similar outcomes.

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Postman collections provide an excellent format for prototyping an API, driving the API design process from a collection, rather than an OpenAPI definition. Collections allow you to define all of the details for each API request and response, providing actual examples of what will be delivered. Since collections can be easily documented and mocked, they allow for very rapid iteration on the design of APIs in a very collaborative way, without having to be an expert on OpenAPI. Once a prototype has stabilized and changes are becoming less frequent an OpenAPI can be be generated and established as the source truth, providing an alterative approach to API design-first that will be more familiar to a wider audience of developers.


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