Private Network

Private API networks all organizations, groups, and teams to establish private catalogs of APIs, collections, and the other artifacts and elements around them, making it easier for producers and consumers to find APIs that are being designed, developed, or operating in production, making APIs more accessible but only to an intended audience.

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A private network is available for any team as part of the Postman platform. The private team network is accessible via the home page and provides a place to publish APIs, and each version of an API so they can be discovered by internal consumers. APIs can be added to the private network from the network itself, as well as part of managing the API within any workspace where the API is being managed. APIs in the private network will show up in the wider search, and allow for grouping and browsing by folder. Enabling teams who are producing APIs to easily increase the visibility of their APIs across teams, and beyond the workspaces where they are being developed. Increasing the chance that other teams will find before they begin developing a potentially duplicate API, or be able to put it to use within the application or integration they have planned.

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