Performance Testing Monitor

Monitors can be setup for all API performance testing, scheduling the run of performance testing when needed and configuring to run from the regions where performance makes the most difference on business, making sure that each individual API SLA is met, identifying API performance issues early on and responding to ensure there is no significant business impact.

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Monitors can be used to automate the scheduling of any performance test, taking a single, or a variety of API paths and making sure they meet the established baseline for response time. Monitors take your performance testing collections and allow for their execution on a recurring schedule, from any cloud region, with a specific set of environment variables applied at execution time. It is important that performance testing exist as their own collections so that performance testing monitors can become more precise in where and when they run, providing a robust look at API performance from the regions and times of day that matter the most. Performance testing monitors are essential in realizing a certain quality of service at scale across all APIs in production, providing an executable unit for understanding the performance of all API resources and capabilities over time.


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