Offering a consistent and well defined onboarding experience for all APIs, making it as easy and straightforward for consumers to onboard with an API, while also providing API producers with an easy way to onboard new consumers with their APIs without any custom work required, reducing friction when it comes to putting APIs to work by utilizing well known approaches to onboarding.

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The API management layer governs how consumers onboard with an API, providing developers with the ability to sign up for an account, select a usage plan, define their applications, and obtain API keys that they will use when making calls to an API. The onboarding process for each API is heavily influenced by the API gateway and management solution selected by API producers, offering a pretty well defined set of approaches to reducing friction when it comes to getting access to an API, allowing consumers to go from learning about an API to making their first API call in as short of period as possible. API onboarding should be standardized across all of an organization’s APIs, and is not an area teams should be reinventing the wheel–with API management solutions being a commodity, no organization should be hand-rolling their onboarding experience as part of modern API operations.


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