Management Rules

The governance rules to apply to API management, ensuring that policies are being applied consistently across APIs, standardizing how APIs are managed in production, making sure there are limitations, constraints, and observability present across all APIs in ways that are defined as part of a centralized governance strategy.

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API governance always begins with API design, but then should be also applied to API management practices as soon as possible. Governance at the API management layer involves the defining and consistently applying of policies at the API management layer, ensuring that all APIs leverage consistent usage plans, logging, and other common aspects of aPI management. Depending on the gateway and API management layer in place, policies can be defined and applied manually or automatically via management APIs or CI/CD pipelines. API management rules can be defined as JSON schema or other machine readable format and applied to the common outputs from API management infrastructure. Helping ensure that API management is consistently applied across all APIs being deployed into production, helping ensure developers are consistent in how they manage the APIs they are delivering.


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