Governance Structure

Establishing a formal approach to how API governance is structured across an organization, providing a top down as well as bottom up structure for how API governance guidance is provided, but also how feedback on the guidance and approach to governance is gathered and woven back into the next iteration of API governance. -

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The structure of API governance within an organization will determine how it operates, and what the future of it will look like. Like the overall API strategy, the governance structure should start simple, but the become a living structure that can evolve and change over time, responding to the realities on the ground floor of API operations. The structure of aPI governance across an organization will vary from organization to organization, and reflect the culture, industry, and consumers of API resources and capabilities. There are places where a top town API governance effort will work best to get things started, but there will also be places where a more bottom up approach will have the greatest impact. Where in many situations a little of both will have the greatest influence over actually how API operations works, and API operations influence the API governance strategy, structure, and leadership.


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