Governance Strategy

Having a well defined and clearly articulated strategy for what the governance of APIs across an organization looks like is important for helping teams find alignment across an organization. API governance strategies often start small, but then should evolve and grow to define, measure, and guide API operations across an organization. -

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API governance within any organization should have an API governance strategy, even if it begins as a simple narrative combined with a list of bullets defining the goals. An API governance strategy should provide a high level look at why and how API governance gets applied by teams, and provide a framework for leadership and teams to work together to define what API governance is, how it is applied across the API lifecycle, and what reporting and the feedback loop around success and failures should look like. The API governance strategy should be a living document that can lead API governance, but then evolves and changes based upon what is actually happening with API governance across teams and operations. The health of the API governance strategy will reflect the health of API governance across operations, and any shortcomings will only exist because of a lack of leadership and feedback with each individual team, and how it is applied across each individual API.


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