Governance Leadership

It is important to establish who the leadership for organization-wide governance, determining who will be developing the strategy, evaluating feedback, and reaching out across the organization to help provide guidance when it comes to governance, while helping evolve and iterate upon the strategy based upon what is working and what is not. -

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API governance leadership helps define, lead, and guide the governance of APIs across operations. Working across the organization to work with key stakeholders to understand how APIs are being developed and managed, then gathering feedback to establish what common practices are which are already in place. Working to establish an organization-wide API governance strategy that reflects what is already happening across operations, but also reflects what the future of API operations should look like. Providing leadership when it comes to the governance strategy, but also leadership when it comes to how and why it is applied across operations, ideally including a representative from each team as part of leadership, but also reflecting the architectural and business objectives of leadership.


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