Examples of API request, responses, and messages used across API operations helps provide a versioned, evolvable, and reusable set of example and synthetic data that can make documentation richer and testing more relevant to actual business needs.

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Examples are essential to API operations for helping demonstrate what an API does and how it can be used. Examples can accompany API documentation to make onboarding with an API much more intuitive, and examples could be used to mock an API during the design or testing parts of the API lifecycle. Examples can help API designers and developers think through what an API should do as part of the API design or prototyping process, and can be used to provide a sandbox environment for API consumers to learn about how APIs work without working with production data. Beyond these areas of the API lifecycle, the process of producing rich examples for each individual API request or response, and multiple examples for different use cases helps better inform API designers and developers as part of the journey, resulting in a much richer API developer experience in the end.

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