Contract Testing

Contract tests can be derived from API artifacts like OpenAPI, JSON Schema, and GraphQL, and used to ensure there are no changes to what has been promised when an API was designed or developed, providing a repeatable test that can be run manually, on a schedule from multiple regions, or as part of a CI/CD pipeline to ensure contracts with consumers are upheld.

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Contract testing ensures that each individual API and collection paths comply with the contract that was put forth for each individual version of an API. OpenAPI for each API can be used to generate collections providing 100% coverage for all of the API paths present. JSON Schema provides the details of the contract, and when applied as part of an OpenAPI definition, you end up with a machine readable contract that can be manually or automatically tested against. It is common for collections to be defined for the contract tests of each API, and then have these contracts tests scheduled for regular run via a monitor, as well as included as part of CI/CD pipelines, providing robust coverage for contract tests that developers can manually execute, or automated as required as part of the API lifecycle.

Contract Testing

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  • Contract Testing Monitor - Monitors can be setup for all API contract testing, scheduling the run of contract testing when needed and configuring to run from the regions that matter most to business operations, making sure that each individual API contract is never breaking with consumers, making sure that each API is delivering as expected on a 24/7 schedule.
  • Contract Testing Monitor Report - A report that allows the one time or historical results of contract testing monitors to br visualized, providing visibility into whether or not an API contract has been broken at any point in time as defined the schedule of the contract testing monitor runs.

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