Contract Testing Results

The results of any contract testing run can be rendered as test results, presented using visualizer, and posted to existing APM or other destination that can be used as part of wider observability systems, allowing contract tests across all APIs to be centralized for understanding API performance at scale.

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When each collection is executed by a monitor or pipeline it has a set of results that can be published to any location and saved for reporting upon and included in other dashboards. Having a strategy and standardized approach to handling the results of contract test runs helps inform individual developers and testers how they can handle test rules, and potentially allowing compliance with overall organizational API governance. Formalizing how test results inform API operations in real time, but also potentially providing historical data on the contract testing across teams and APIs.

Related Elements

  • Contract Testing Monitor - Monitors can be setup for all API contract testing, scheduling the run of contract testing when needed and configuring to run from the regions that matter most to business operations, making sure that each individual API contract is never breaking with consumers, making sure that each API is delivering as expected on a 24/7 schedule.
  • Contract Testing Monitor Report - A report that allows the one time or historical results of contract testing monitors to br visualized, providing visibility into whether or not an API contract has been broken at any point in time as defined the schedule of the contract testing monitor runs.


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