Contract-Based Linting

Contract-based linting allows for the validation of OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, and other artifacts used as part of the API lifecycle against specific contracts as defined by JSON Schema, providing a definition of what should exist as part of the design for each API, but done in a way that allows it to be verified across the API lifecycle.

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JSON Schema can be used to define specific patterns that should exist within each OpenAPI or AsyncAPI contract being defined as part of the design, development, and operation of an API. Contract-based always begins with adhering to the specification for OpenAPI or AsyncAPI using their own JSON Schema document, but is something that can be extended to other patterns like pagination, extensions, or domain specific design pattern. A contract-based approach to governance can assist in going beyond rules based governance by allowing for more complex patterns to be checked, but utilizes existing approaches used across other areas of the API lifecycle, making it something within reach of teams. Helping establish a common set of patterns that can be applied manually or automatically throughout the life of an API to help make sure it applies common API design practices within an organization or industry.


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