Comments on APIs, collections, and other elements of API operations allows for more tightly coupled and inline conversations to occur around entire elements or specific parts nd pieces of elements, allowing teams to collaborate and communicate across the API lifecycle.

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Comments can be applied to APIs and collections, providing a feedback loop for each individual API artifact, as well as inline comments for each part of an API artifact. Comments can be used to keep the feedback loop localized with each API, as well as allowing team members and the public to be more precise by highlighting and commenting on a specific path, parameter, or part of a script automating or testing an API. Comments are a little buried beneath the details of each API and collection, but once your team realizes they are there and they can comment, mention, and have a conversation about each part of producing or consuming APIs, they’ll prefer commenting here rather than via other external channels, helping any other team members or public consumers join in and learn from the discussion.

Commenting Overview

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