API Lifecycle

It is impossible to govern an API lifecycle that is not defined. It takes a clear and articulate definition of how the API lifecycle is put into motion across teams to reach a point where you can measure, guide, enforce, and evolve how APIs move across a well-defined API lifecycle in any consistent way. -

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This project is all about defining the base of the API lifecycle and the different entry points and priorities that exist across the API lifecycle so that we can better understand, measure, and ultimately govern how APIs move through the API lifecycle. Without governance applying to all areas of the API lifecycle, you cannot effectively govern APIs and achieve the velocity and symmetry needed to move an entire organization forward. An API lifecycle should augment and overlap with the existing software development lifecycle within an organization but work to support the specific needs of APIs, acknowledging they are central to desktop, web, mobile, and device applications and the overall IT operations and infrastructure behind everything.


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