API Lifecycle Questions

These are all of the questions available across all the lifecycle blueprints available in this site.

What does successfully scaling of your API governance look like?

Being able to clearly articulate your vision of what the scaling of your API governance might look like across an organization, lines of business, and teams.

When (and what) would you celebrate with your leadership?

Stating is simple terms what you are looking to share with your leadership team about why API governance is effective.

Would you like help defining a blueprint of your API lifecycle?

Establishing a human and machine readable blueprint of what your existing API lifecycle looks like so you can establish a shared meaning.

Would you like help defining an API design guide?

Defining an API design guide to establish a well organized list of rules and criteria for how API design should happen.

Would you like to run governance in a CI/CD pipeline?

Automating the execution of API governance within a CI/CD pipeline so that rules are applied to an API at build time.

Would you like to run governance manually in workspaces?

Manual running of API governance within a workspace to understand whether or not an API is compliant with design guides.

Would you like to schedule governance using a monitor?

Scheduling of API governance to run at regular times to make sure APIs haven't changed at some point in time, across multiple regions.

Would you prefer to have turn-key API governance?

Your are just looking for API governance to be turn-key and really do not have the resources to figure out on your own.

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